How to Reach Your Target Consumer with Lifestyle Marketing

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Dec 8, 2020 9:30:00 AM

How to Reach Your Target Consumer with Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle marketing allows you to connect with your customers through something that is already part of their everyday lifestyle. It shows consumers how your brand connects with the lifestyle they're already living. For example, athletic brands make themselves part of their customers' stories and their lives: they show how their brands are better and create a sense of pride and connection to that brand. 

One popular method for improving lifestyle marketing is appearing on a lifestyle show: MORE Good Day Oregon, for example. For many people, this show is a critical part of their lives and their routines. They connect with it. They consider the hosts trustworthy. By appearing on that show or sponsoring a segment, you could connect with your audience and provide them with a more profound sense of trust in your brand. 

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Show Them How You Fit Into Their Life

Through lifestyle show segments, videos, and other interactive content, show your target audience how your product or service fits into their life. What problem are you solving? How can you enhance their lives? 

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Consider, for example, our theoretical athletic brand. This brand creates great athletic clothing designed to reduce chafing. Its socks help runners experience fewer blisters. This brand might want to showcase those benefits for its audience. Through lifestyle marketing, you aren't just showing features. Instead, you're showing how using your brand can help improve life for your target audience. Those athletic socks might make it easier to go for longer runs or improve run speed. Comfortable, anti-chafing shorts could make even summer runs more comfortable. 

Users want to see how your brand connects with the life they're already living and makes it better. 

Appeal to Their Needs

Through lifestyle marketing, you can position your brand to tend to your customers' needs better than others on the market. There's something about your brand that sets it apart: something that makes you better for your consumers. It could be the price. It could be quality. It could only be that your brand addresses the problems that users experience. 

Consider your consumers' problems and how you can address them. Remember, this isn't a list of all the things your brand can do. Instead, it's a clear example of how you can solve the problems your consumers are facing. Imagine, for instance, that you're a pest control company. 

Your brand provides excellent customer service and fast response time--but what does that mean for your customers? For example, you might want to show that a quick response can stop an infestation in its tracks or that monthly pest prevention can help prevent that infestation from developing in the first place. 

Align Your Brand With Similar Lifestyle Marketing Platforms

It's essential to choose the right platforms and programs to align with your brand and target audience. Lifestyle marketing only works if you are on a platform that can reach the people you're targeting. For example, suppose you're aiming to target young, athletic individuals. In that case, the brands you connect with and the platforms you use might look very different from a company intended to target seniors. Work with a media partner to learn more about where your target audience most often spends their time and which brands they connect with most. 

Create an Experience

Not only do you want to introduce your brand to the target audience, but you want to create a full experience around your brand through your lifestyle marketing. If you're marketing your brand on a lifestyle program, for example, you might want to use your segment to show more about what you can offer: to take customers on an experience with your brand. 

For instance, as a restaurant, you might want to spend time showing not only how customers can recreate one of your recipes but how your recipes can fit into their lives. If you're an athletic company, you might show people wearing and using your brand. Invite the host on the show to give a review of those products and their impact on the host's life or pain points.

It's not just about an ad. Lifestyle marketing is about a full experience. Today's consumers, more than ever before, are more interested in experiences than in services alone. By providing viewers with that experience from your advertisements, you can develop a better relationship with those customers and enhance your brand's opinion. 

Lifestyle marketing has several advantages for your brand. It helps consumers connect more deeply with who you are and what you have to offer. Through your lifestyle marketing methods, you share with consumers how they can connect more deeply with your brand, ultimately enhancing their opinion of who you are and what you can offer. 

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