What’s the Difference Between MORE GDO and Other Lifestyle Shows?

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Sep 22, 2021 9:42:00 AM

What’s the Difference Between MORE GDO and Other Lifestyle Shows?

When it comes to reaching a local, dedicated audience — lifestyle marketing is among the most effective methods a brand can leverage, and Portland’s MORE Good Day Oregon on FOX 12 is a highly successful and unique example of this. The show reaches viewers who tune in regularly to see what the lifestyle show's hosts are offering.    

Lifestyle marketing with MORE Good Day Oregon gets your message to an engaged audience who have genuine interest in the local offers that make their way into MORE GDO's popular segments. Furthermore, FOX 12 shares your segment online to reach a larger portion of your target audience at their convenience. That solves two very common marketing challenges, as 60% of marketing professionals admit that they have difficulty reaching their target audiences with their message, and 72% of marketers can't even find their target audience online.  

Here's how local lifestyle marketing with MORE Good Day Oregon on FOX 12 can make all the difference for your brand.  

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What MORE Good Day Oregon Offers  

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 10.39.43 AMMORE Good Day Oregon is a lifestyle TV show on FOX 12 that brings Portland residents the latest in local entertainment, events, dining, and deals. Starting at 9 a.m. every weekday, MORE GDO hosts Stephanie Domurat or Spencer Thomas takes their loyal viewers behind the scenes of local favorites and introduces potential favorites they may be interested in — whether it’s fashion and food, or home and entertainment. Viewers tune in daily to see what they’re promoting.   

What's more, the lifestyle show has other unique aspects, such as an innovative set design that creates an interactive and exciting means of presenting guests and your products. Guests have between two to three minutes to present their brand or product, either live or in pre-produced segments, giving you plenty of time to convey your message to a dedicated audience. Alongside a team of innovative and forward-thinking experts, you're given the guidance and experience you need to create, produce, and deliver a highly effective marketing and promotional campaign for your brand.  

The truth is, MORE Good Day Oregon is Portland's top Lifestyle & Entertainment show, and their audience is more than happy to learn about you and your product. Take this time and opportunity to introduce your brand and provide viewers with tips and tricks, how-to's and demonstrations, reviews and tutorials, or even show to use your product and ensure they're getting the most out of their purchase. 

What Standard Lifestyle Shows Offer  

Standard lifestyle shows offer your brand a slightly different experience than MORE Good Day Oregon. While MORE GDO gives you live or pre-recorded options and an innovative set to work with, other lifestyle shows often have hosts set up in different areas. When doing so, the show cuts away to pre-recorded segments or has them recorded elsewhere. Although lifestyle marketing is still among the most successful tactics for reaching your target consumers, implementing this strategy creates a less-seamless vision with a more unnatural production.  

Another common element of standard lifestyle shows is a flow of information presented. Offers and brand promotions are often presented one after another, without any real strategy carrying along the information presented and ensuring it is consistent and cohesive. Of course, you'll still have extended time to present your products and get that important offer of yours to viewers, though the experience has less of the flair that deepens your audience connection and draws them in.  

By no means is lifestyle marketing ineffective with standard lifestyle shows, and the main benefits exist across the board. However, the hosts, lifestyle show, and media partner make a significant impact towards your brand’s success from the experience.  

Why You Should Invest in Lifestyle Marketing  

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 10.39.48 AMLifestyle marketing is an incredibly beneficial marketing investment because it allows you more time to present information in a friendlier setting that associates your product with a source your customer's trust. Viewers tune in for the host — like MORE Good Day Oregon’s Stephanie Domurat and Spencer Thomas— and trust the show to only introduce relevant and reliable local brands. Participating in lifestyle marketing lends your brand the same amount of credibility and trust from the viewers and readers.  

Another benefit of investing in lifestyle marketing is that your segments can be highly targeted based on the viewership information the shows collect. There's nothing more important to the success of your segment than knowing exactly who you're communicating your message to in the audience. Having the viewer data on hand allows you to reach and resonate with the viewers in a personalized experience they've come to expect from brands and businesses.  

The best way to get the most out of your experience and reach your target consumers with lifestyle marketing is to: 

  • Show them how you fit into their life 
  • Appeal to their needs 
  • Align your brand with similar lifestyle marketing platforms 
  • Create a full experience around your brand through your lifestyle marketing 

Give Your Brand the Lift it Needs to Reach Portland Residents  

Lifestyle marketing can give your brand the lift it needs to grow and reach Portland Residents. MORE GDO on FOX 12 is a fantastic lifestyle marketing option because you can expect nothing but the best in expertise and experience. They’ll be sure to shine light on your offers using fun, new, and innovative sets and strategies, while guaranteeing you reach the right people with your message.  

Work with media partners like Meredith Portland to gain another advantage over the competition by benefiting from access to more assets than any other media partner.  

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