Why Lifestyle Marketing Is Here to Stay (And How It's Growing)

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Aug 25, 2021 11:03:37 AM

Why Lifestyle Marketing Is Here to Stay (And How It's Growing)

Lifestyle marketing is an incredibly effective marketing strategy to increase customer loyalty and earn repeat customers. It forms a deeper connection with your target audience, strengthening the bond between brand and consumer through more personal and trustworthy interactions. 

It’s increasingly important, as much of the consumer audience prioritizes trust and authenticity when choosing between brands. To 8 in 10 customers (81% globally, 80% U.S.) trusting a brand to do what is right influences their purchasing decision. Furthermore, 82% of US consumers and 75% of global consumers say continue to buy a brand they trust, even if another brand suddenly becomes trendy. 

Here's everything you need to know about lifestyle marketing to get your brand where you want it to be. 

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What Makes Lifestyle Marketing So Successful  

Lifestyle marketing reinforces the lifelong bond with customers over the traditional sell-right-now-and-move-on approach. Instead of appealing to your target audience's needs at the moment, you're fulfilling a lifestyle need in their lifetime.  

Take, for instance, one of the most famous examples. Nike was close to bankrupt back when Reebok was the star of the show, but they came out with 'Just Do It' and turned their entire approach around. They went from just a shoe company to an athletic go-to by positioning their brand as an inspiration and motivation for all people because "if you have a body, you're an athlete." Now anyone looking to get in shape, play a sport, and get more active goes to Nike for their gear to do it. 

Lifestyle Marketing Resonates With Audiences   

Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 2.01.37 PMLifestyle marketing effectively resonates with audiences because it positions your brand as a point of identification amongst them. When you appeal to a lifestyle need among your target group, you open a window to an entirely new bond with them. Consumers want to communicate and build relationships with brands already, so when you take the time to really dive deep into their values and interests (and position your brand at the center), you'll reach them more effectively and your brand resonates more deeply. It also keeps your brand more top of mind when it's time to make purchases.  

Tips For an Effective Lifestyle Strategy  

An effective lifestyle marketing strategy can take your brand far, if you do it correctly. Coming off as inauthentic or disingenuous significantly harms your efforts. To ensure you're going about it right, consider the three following elements of an effective lifestyle marketing strategy:   

  1. Live Your Brand's Example — Know what your values and interests are and stick to them. If your brand supports Going Green, then never stray from that path. People want to see the same commitment and passion from higher-ups in the company. Seventy-seven percent of consumers feel company leaders should personally embody their brand purpose and mission. It's no longer enough to align consumer and brand values, leadership must share the same values as well.  
  2. Build A Loyal Following — Building a loyal following largely comes naturally with your lifestyle marketing efforts. However, it does take a lot of special attention and care compared to other marketing strategies because you're nurturing and maintaining relationships with loyal, repeat customers. You can do this by keeping in contact through social media or email and personalizing interactions to each individual. 
  3. Offer Value to Your Customers — You should also make sure that your product or service offers real value to your target audience. Lifestyle marketing is about finding a lifestyle trait that your brand can fulfill and positioning it as the solution. A product with no real value will quickly be dismissed. 

How Lifestyle Marketing Is Growing   

Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 2.01.31 PMLifestyle marketing is always evolving. From lifestyle magazines to shows, lifestyle marketing puts your brand in front of the right audience with the right message. Not to mention, the audience you reach is already looking for products and services like yours. Moreover, companies use brand representatives, like influencers, to further their marketing vision, merging lifestyle marketing with influencer marketing as it gains traction among consumers.   

Together, your brand will be able to show your brand’s value on a lifestyle segment, then let relevant influencers do the same for you. Consumers will love learning about the ins and outs of your product that only you know about, but they will trust their favorite influencers with the final reviews of your offer. 

Implementing a Lifestyle Strategy  

Lifestyle marketing is an evolving marketing tool that is highly effective at reaching younger audiences. When done correctly, implementing a lifestyle strategy has the potential to position your brand as the answer to your audience's problems, making it not only the right choice for that group's needs right now but for as long as they live by that lifestyle.  

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