Why Meredith Portland is a Unique Option for Your Advertising Plan

Mark Handwerger

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Aug 17, 2020 10:30:00 AM


For many companies, marketing can be a stressful investment. However, this does not have to be your story. 

Owned by the Meredith Corporation and based in Portland, Meredith Portland provides your company with secure, cost-effective, and successful advertising strategies. What sets our company apart is that our team is filled with innovative and forward-thinking consultants that want to produce, create, and deliver highly effective promotional campaigns and marketing strategies for your brand.

We are Marketing Consultants

At Meredith Portland, we focus on being a partner who consults with their clients on the best decisions for their business. For us, it is not just about making a sale. We want to help you through the whole process, ensuring that you get the results you want.

At Meredith Portland we want to:

  • Help increase your brand awareness
  • Help you drive foot traffic
  • Help you engage with the local community
  • Help you generate more leads

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We Want What's Right for your Business

Working with our knowledgeable and skilled team can ensure that you are being guided in a direction that is right for your business. We are here, as your media partner, to have your best interests in mind. We are looking for you to succeed because we know this process is more than just a sale; it is a partnership and relationship we hope will continue for many years to come. 

For these reasons, our dynamic and award-winning team wants to help you:

  • Build a unique, creative, and effective advertising campaign 
  • Produce memorable television spots and advertisements
  • Develop a targeted digital campaign so that you can reach your targeted audience

We are a One-Stop-Shop for Your Marketing Needs

Do you know what it means when a marketing company is a one-stop-shop? It means you can bundle all of your marketing needs, including TV, digital, OTT, social media, email, print, commercial production, and search engine optimization into one service. And as a result, this creates momentum for us as your media partner because we understand your company as a whole, handling all your marketing needs in one place. What else is great about a one-stop-shop? It ends up saving you time and money. 

We Offer More Assets than Other Media Partners

When you work with Meredith Portland, it means you work with the whole Meredith corporation, which can mean colossal access, an extensive reach, and immense opportunities for you as a client. Through our brand, we can help your company reach consumers across the country through our corporate magazines:

  • People Magazine
  • Better Homes and Garden
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Shape Magazine
  • Health Magazine
  • Food & Wine Magazine
  • InStyle Magazine
  • Southern Living Magazine
  • and so much more

We Have More Marketing Resources for You to Take Advantage Of

With our diverse marketing solutions, we can provide you with not only everything you need in one place, but we can get you the results you want through the following resources: 

  • TV Advertising: FOX 12 is a trusted and top-rated source for entertainment, lifestyle, and news programming. And Meredith Portland proudly produces content through these channels, making sure to appeal to audiences of all ages. We combine sights, sounds, and motions that allow you to recall messages better and reach a larger scale of potential customers. 
  • Digital Marketing: We provide innovative services and products that can help your advertisements reach targeted regional and local audiences in brand-safe environments. This, in turn, drives more real-world engagement and provides you with transparent analytics on your ad performance. 
  • Lifestyle Marketing: We make finding the right audience that much easier. By identifying potential consumers beyond age and gender, we can offer you customers that matter. We look into the occupation, consumer behavior, brand association, and even hobbies to provide you with exactly the audience you need. 
  • Social Engagement: Our social engagement opportunities provide a way for our clients to pair their branding message the right way, which helps them increase credibility, frequency, and reach. 
  • Email Marketing: Through our email marketing system, we allow your company to have access to potential new customers, which will enable you to share your personal message with those that matter. 
  • Streaming and OTT: If you want to reach audiences beyond television networks, we offer an OTT platform that can provide you with access to streaming services efficiently and effectively. 
  • Strategic Planning and Research: We want to help you get ahead, and we do this by helping you define your marketing plans, and figuring out which steps you need to take to reach your goals. 
  • Production: Our award-winning production team can help your business develop, distribute, and produce custom creative campaigns across all our brands and platforms, resulting in higher audience engagement. 
  • Cause Marketing: We know that community involvement can help show potential customers, how your company makes a difference, and at Meredith Portland, we can help you take on cause marketing and achieve just that. 

We are more than just a company looking for a sale. Meredith Portland is an extension of your team. We customize individual marketing plans for our clients to ensure the most effective outcome. We are the perfect media partner for your business that knows exactly what it needs to do to provide you with the results and solutions you want. 

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