Top 4 Ways to Know if Lifestyle Marketing is Best for Your Business

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Jan 4, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Top 4 Ways to Know if Lifestyle Marketing is Best for Your Business

Often, businesses benefit from selling more than products or services. Instead, they're selling a lifestyle that they want to encapsulate in their marketing. Traditional marketing focuses on demographics such as age and gender, but lifestyle marketing goes beyond that to appeal to consumer behavior, hobbies, occupation, and more. In the process, businesses can offer an improved way of life that their products and services can facilitate.

For instance, many luxury retailers experience success among their audiences by selling a luxurious ideal to their customers. While the products themselves may be elegantly designed and well-made, they embody the lifestyle that matters most to consumers. That sense of exclusivity draws many to spend more on the products that make them feel a part of that club. 

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You can also give your customers a similar sense of belonging by using lifestyle marketing to your advantage. Using everything from digital and print ads to TV appearances on local stations, you can succeed with effective lifestyle marketing campaigns.

If you want to learn how to incorporate lifestyle marketing into your advertising portfolio the following are some lifestyle marketing tips to determine if these campaigns are right for you.

1. Your Product Can Enhance a Consumer's Life

Through lifestyle marketing, you'll have the chance to showcase how your products or services can benefit consumers and enhance their lives. By researching your audience, you can determine what specific pain points impact your audience, keeping them from achieving their ideal. You can then position your products as the solutions to those pain points that can facilitate your customers' lifestyle.

One of the best examples of a brand that used lifestyle marketing to sell products that represent a lifestyle effectively is Nike. Many young and aspiring athletes strive to live the professionals' lifestyle, and Nike has effectively become an emblem of that lifestyle through their branding strategy. Nike has become synonymous with athletic prestige and is known for products that help its audience realize their dreams.

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2. You Offer a Service

If your business offers a service, it's often difficult for the consumer to imagine and get a glimpse of how that service will help them without paying for the service themselves. At the same time, people want to know what a service will do to improve their lives in tangible ways. Through lifestyle marketing, you can demonstrate your benefits and show what they can do to enhance a customer's life.

You could create demonstration videos that show your services in action, for example. Here, you'll have the chance to highlight their benefits, which can go a long way in persuading local audiences.

3. Your Product Has Many Uses

In some cases, a business will have one or more products with multiple uses in addition to the one for which it's mainly intended. With a lifestyle marketing strategy behind your brand, you can demonstrate how your products can be used in many ways to maximize their value. This can show how your products can solve multiple pain points and improve customers' lives in several ways that may not be advertised otherwise.

For instance, if you're a local restaurant in Portland, you could appear on the #1 lifestyle show in Portland, MORE Good Day Oregon. You could show all the different recipes that are possible to make using a specific ingredient during your appearance. Not only does this give your audience some ideas for home cooking, but it can also show your staff's knowledge when it comes to the culinary arts and inspire trust in your restaurant. Subsequently, you might get people to support your restaurant more eagerly following that appearance with takeout orders and gift card purchases.

4. Your Business Can Offer Tips & Tricks

Lifestyle marketing is also effective at showing a brand's expertise and thought leadership. If you have some industry knowledge you can share to educate your audiences and demonstrate the value you can bring them, use lifestyle marketing to spread it.

For example, financial advisors don't offer traditional products or services, making it difficult for consumers to understand how financial services can benefit them. An effective lifestyle marketing campaign can give some tips for saving money or investing more cautiously, showing how your advisory can help them in different ways.

Take Advantage of Lifestyle Marketing to Win Over Audiences

If your business offers products or services that exemplify your audiences' way of life, lifestyle marketing can be an invaluable asset. Advertising your offerings and a lifestyle that you can help create will help showcase the value your business offers. Using a combination of marketing materials, including digital marketing efforts, magazine ads, TV appearances, commercials, and more, you'll be able to position your business as the facilitator of the life your customers want.

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