Why You Shouldn't Stop Advertising in a Crisis

Meredith Portland About The Author

Apr 16, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Why You Shouldn't Stop Advertising in a Crisis

It's always a good idea to keep advertising, even during slow periods for your business. Even during an economic downturn, your advertisements can go a long way toward positioning your business for success. During the current period of uncertainty, however, many businesses are questioning whether or not they should continue their advertising efforts. It's not bad to advertise during this time--and in fact, those advertisements can provide many advantages for your business. 

Your Customers Need You Right Now

Whether you are offering products and services to consumers or other businesses, right now, continuing to operate your business can offer them comfort during a period that is otherwise uncertain. Your customers--businesses or personal clients--need the services that you're providing, now, in many cases, more than ever!

By making adjustments that show you're sensitive to the times and the needs of your customers, you can let your customers know you're striving to make their lives easier, even during a period of upheaval and crisis. Consider how you can be of service during this time to make things easier for your customers. What changes can you make that will offer additional benefits to your customers--and keep them supporting your business?

Not only do your customers need you now, but they will need you once things finally settle down, too. Staying top-of-mind can help keep your business steady through the crisis and improve your reach when the crisis is over. Your customers are taking note of how your business responds to this crisis--and they will appreciate your efforts to assist them.

You Have a Chance to Make an Impact on the Community

During this time, you have an opportunity to show how your business cares about the community like never before. In times of crisis, your business has the opportunity to support your community. 

Find ways that you can help virtually during this time. Many businesses, especially those that cater to children, are already reaching out with videos and other content that can help entertain children, engage them, or help with their learning. Gyms, trainers, and other fitness providers are offering workout videos that clients can access from the safety of their homes. Consider what virtual options you can provide for your community and your customers--and how you can add value to them, both through paid and unpaid methods. 

Provide the community with products and services that can make this time easier for them. During these challenging times, your customers' need for specific products may change drastically. Your customers may, for example, need more cleaning products or healthcare products. They may need options that will help them entertain themselves while they remain at home. Consider what services you can offer your customers throughout this time. Not only will they appreciate it now, it will help keep your business top of mind for later, when the crisis passes. 

You Can Project Stability During Challenging Times

This is an incredibly unexpected time filled with uncertainty. When you provide messaging and opportunities that are sensitive to those matters, you can help bring a sense of normalcy to your customers. For many of your customers, you're more than just a business. Your business may also represent a critical part of their lives. By remaining present, both through your advertising efforts and as you continue to do business, you can help maintain that sense of connection and add that important element of normalcy. By appearing on your customers' televisions and newsfeeds, you're able to give them a breath of fresh air: a break from all the heavier content they're seeing from news outlets, friends, family members, and healthcare professionals. Simply knowing that you're still there and providing what products and services you can may also bring a welcomed sense of relief to your customers. 

Adjusting Your Ads to the Times & Staying Connected to Your Audience

Even during a crisis or pandemic like the coronavirus, you shouldn't stop advertising. This is your opportunity to emphasize your business's brand and remain top of mind. Not only that, you want to maintain the momentum you've already created through previous advertising efforts and continue to connect with your customers. 

While you do want to maintain advertising continuity, however, you must also adjust your messaging to the current times and remain sensitive to the needs facing your customers. You don't want to offer insensitive or upsetting content that could cause your customers distress. Ideally, you want your advertisements to be seen as helpful, guiding your clients through the current situation and linking them with the vital services and opportunities they need most. Working with a media partner can help make it easier to navigate these difficult tasks. An experienced media partner can help provide critical advice about your messaging and what your customers need most during this time--and help you produce the content you need to meet those goals.

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