Connect with customers by way of highly targeted, conversion-optimized OTT campaigns. With a suite of optimization, attribution, and targeting tools, advertisers can unlock television’s performance potential. Combining the impact and prestige of TV will deliver results that meet, and exceed, search and social-at scale when and where it will make the most difference to your brand.


What is OTT?

OTT or “Over-The-Top” is a term that describes the delivery of TV content using the internet. This means that viewers can watch TV without requiring anyone to subscribe or pay for traditional cable or satellite.

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Define Success with Measurable Metrics

With Meredith Portland, you get precise, actionable data that can be analyzed in real-time. We will track impressions, site visits, conversions, and more—all exact, no estimates or delayed data. By integrating full analytics, you will be able to measure impact and optimize your campaigns to accelerate ROI.

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Target Your Audience with Data Experts

Meredith Portland is unlike other stations. Our data experts will target viewers based on their interests, geography, in-market status, and more. Your business will benefit from the proprietary data insights that we offer. If you incorporate CRM data, you will have the ability to reach viewers already in your sales funnel.


How Meredith Portland Uses OTT & Streaming to Increase Marketing Results

By utilizing OTT, you are able to reach anyone and everyone. Not only people on the FOX 12 and FOX 12 PLUS linear platform but anyone who is streaming television. With online streaming becoming more popular, we can help you to stay ahead of the curve and utilize OTT to grow your business even more.

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