FOX 12 and FOX 12 PLUS are a trusted source for news, lifestyle & entertainment programming. Combining sight, sound, and motion allows for higher recall with your message through commercials, product placement, integration, and sponsorships with large scale reach.


Our Local Station

FOX 12 and FOX 12 PLUS are known in Portland for its top-rated news, lifestyle and sports programming, and above all, its community outreach campaigns. Home to MORE Good Day Oregon, Surprise Squad and Toy Drive, Meredith Portland proudly produces content and community engagement that appeals to audiences of all ages.


TV Advertising

TV advertising can include an array of different tactics. We can help your business create a cohesive campaign via commercials, product placement, and other custom sponsorship opportunities to reach your business goals


The Importance of TV Advertising

TV advertising establishes credibility as a brand. It can drive traffic to your store or website and increase sales of your products and services. No other medium has the audience reach capabilities that broadcast TV offers.

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Steph (1)

How a Talent Endorsement Can Help Your Business

Presenting a familiar face is one of the fastest and easiest ways for businesses to create brand associations in the minds of consumers.  When a well known talent endorses a product that product gains immediate credibility.  Meredith Portland offers a unique opportunity to our local business community to have the power of Stephanie Kralevich behind their brand.  


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